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Teach your Baby to Play on it's Side - Preferred side RIGHT

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Does your baby have right positional plagiocephaly? This easy-to-follow exercise teaches you about how to encourage your baby to look to the left while playing.

Recommendations for Children who Often Look to the Right

Problem Statement

When a baby frequently looks to the right, their head can start to flatten on that side. Additionally, if the baby's head remains in the middle for extended periods, it can also flatten straight at the back.

Advice from Pediatric Physiotherapist

It's often advised to encourage the baby to lie more frequently on their left side to counteract this asymmetry. This not only helps shape the head better but also offers a nice play position for the child.

The Beach Towel Method

A large beach towel can be employed to facilitate this:

  1. Preparation: Roll up a large beach towel until a flap remains.

  2. Placement: Don't lay the towel down with the flap facing down; do it the other way around. This ensures the child's body weight keeps the towel in place.

  3. Child's Position: Place the child on top of the towel. This is a good play position and can also help alleviate tummy troubles.

Points to Consider

  • Adjustment Period: Initially, the child may need some time to get used to this new position. However, if you gradually introduce it, the child will start to see its benefits.

  • Restlessness: If the child gets restless, you can slightly unroll the towel so they can roll back a bit but still stay well positioned on the left side.


The goal is to correct the asymmetry in head growth and also place the child in a comfortable playing position.


Using this simple beach towel method, you can improve your child's head symmetry while simultaneously providing them a comfortable position to play in. Good luck!

Audio: Dutch

Subtitles: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Arabic.

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