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The team



The Skully Care team strives to create the best possible healthcare. Starting with helping babies with a skull deformity and their parents. But that's just the beginning...



Elly van der Grift

Can't we measure a skull deformation much faster nowadays? I asked myself this question a few years ago.

As a pediatric physiotherapist, I missed "an extra set of eyes" when evaluating skull deformity. My belief: measuring is important, motivating for parents and gives a clear direction why treating.

I approached Freek with this question. He came up with the idea of ​​using the smartphone's camera: focus, click and an algorithm automatically calculates the result.

Hoofdmaatje was launched in March 2019 and many colleagues have joined. Hoofdmaatje is now called Skully Care. More than 5500 baby heads have already been measured.

In my practice we use Skully Care for all babies with a flat skull. We are very happy with our "extra pair of eyes"


The Skully Care app - The Flat Head Assistant_Moment 4 (1).jpg

Freek Noz

A few years ago, Elly came to me with an interesting question. "Can you develop something to easily and quickly capture the shape of a baby's head?" I started to delve into the subject. I ended up in another world as a mechanical engineer. Examining babies, properly informing parents, practicing with those little people, what was something else. It was also unknown to me that so many babies have flattened heads. In the Netherlands already around 25,000 children per year.


After this research phase, an IT team joined. They made sure that the algorithm was converted to AI. And so, after hard work and persistence, the app was ready.


I am glad that I can help to detect the problem of flattened heads earlier and better. It continues to develop, which I think is a great challenge!

Supported by experts

The Skully Care team consists of the following indispensable advisers:

Dr. LNA (Léon) van Adrichem

Clinical and Scientific Advisor

Dr. Léon van Adrichem has been a plastic surgeon since 1997, focusing on congenital abnormalities of the skull and face and aesthetic surgery. He works at the University Medical Center Utrecht and the Velthuis Clinic Rotterdam. In more than 20 years of clinical experience, he has published 65 scientific articles and has authored several books. Research into skull shape abnormalities is an important line of research.

Tjerk Geersing

Technical and strategic advisor

Tjerk Geersing owns Redfountain and Yukon Software. He uses his knowledge and experience for startups and companies, who can take a step forward with this. From March 2019, Tjerk provides us with advice on the development of our idea, the steps to product and in the field of software development. Thanks to his input and creative thinking, Skully Care has reached the current level.

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