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How is your baby active during lifting? Preferred side LEFT

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Does your baby have left positional plagiocephaly? This exercise teaches you about how your baby is active and moves while being lifted and carried.

Lifting and Placing Techniques for Babies with a Preferred Left Position

If you're a parent of a baby who predominantly looks to the left, you might be looking for ways to promote better head balance and encourage your child to look to the right as well. While it's crucial to consult a healthcare professional for a comprehensive treatment strategy, there are also at-home techniques that can help. One such technique involves changing the way you lift and place your baby. Here's a step-by-step guide to do so:

Proper Hand Placement

Instead of lifting your baby by placing a hand under their head, opt for a more active lifting technique that encourages head balance. Place your hands symmetrically around the flanks of your baby's chest, reaching all the way up into the armpits.

Turning Towards Your Arm

As you lift your baby, turn them towards your left arm. Allow the baby to lean a little against your arm, providing stability as you proceed to grab them under their buttocks.

The "Cup" Technique

With the baby leaning against your arm, pick them up under their buttocks so they sit in your arms like a "cup." This position helps stimulate the baby to look to the right, improving head balance.

Placing Your Baby Down

When it's time to put your baby back down, essentially reverse the lifting process. Lower the baby while keeping your hands around their torso for stability. Gently tilt them to the side, making sure your hand is there to prevent any quick or sudden movements.

Final Tips

Whether you're placing your baby down to play or lay them on their back, remember to always lift and lower them carefully. These techniques promote head balance and encourage the baby to look to the right, which is particularly beneficial for those with a preferred left position.

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