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Skull Deformation Assessment

with Professional Support

Skull Deformation Concern? We Guide You Through Each Step

Relieve your concerns with our Skull Deformation Assessment, simple to use at home. Begin the path to healthy head development now.

Skull deformation affects 20% of baby's, often due to lying in the same position. Early detecting is crucial, as effective treatment is only possible in the first year.


Act early,
Easier treatment

Does your baby often stay in the same position? Take an assessment at 8 weeks to prevent long-term flat head syndrome effects.*


Over 25000
babies helped!

Trusted by 800+ healthcare professionals across 25 countries, our scientifically-based method is now available for parents.

Afbeelding die illustreert hoe ouders te informeren en motiveren door vorderingen en interactieve oefeningen voor plagiocephalie en brachycefalie te delen.

from Experts 

Quick Answers: Measure and get personal advice on the same day. Solve your concerns with expert help. 

*Preventing deformational plagiocephaly through parent guidance: a randomized, controlled trial" by Aarnivala et al., 2015, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Every baby's head shape is personally reviewed by our Pediatric Physio expert.


Skull Deformation Assessment

with Professional Support

€ 84,-

The designed for parents concerned about flat head syndrome in their babies. With this easy-to-use toolkit and app, you can assess your baby's head shape at home. Following your assessment, a flat head syndrome expert will offer her personalized advice, ensuring a reliable and professional solution.

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How it Works

Skully Care's easy steps to tackle Flat Head Syndrome



Start your Skully Care journey today. Sign up, and within 10 days, we'll send a user-friendly kit right to your home, complete with a comfy cap and mat.


Results and Tips

Our Pediatric Physical Therapists specialize in flat head syndrome and are dedicated to delivering personalized care. After reviewing your measurement, they'll send an email with tailored advice.


Take a Picture

Our app makes it easy. Just pop the cap on your baby, lay them on the mat, and snap a photo from above. If the picture's not quite right, we'll show you how to fix it fast.


Expert Referral

If our assessment indicates that your baby may need additional care or attention, we're here to help. Skully Care can connect you with the right clinic or healthcare professional specialized in treating flat head syndrome.

Personal Care

With Skully Care, every check is reviewed by Elly, our co-founder and a caring pediatric physio. She’s on a mission to make sure flat head syndrome gets spotted early. Elly's expertise has already empowered over 800 therapists in 25 countries.

Now, she’s bringing that same professional eye straight to parents. Because every baby deserves that expert look-over to catch plagiocephaly early. With Elly and Skully Care, your little one is in good hands.

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