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How to Lift your Baby with a Twist

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

This exercise shows you how to lift your baby with a twist. This easy-to-learn exercise is a small step you can take to preventing or improving plagiocephaly. 

Mastering the Art of Lifting and Placing Your Baby with a Twist

The Usual Way and Why You Should Try Something New

When it comes to lifting your baby, most people opt for the straightforward method—under the head and straight up. While this approach is the easiest for both parents and babies, it doesn't actively engage your child or help improve their head balance.

The Twist: Lifting with Active Engagement

So, what's the twist? Instead of the standard lifting method, you can actually get your baby to actively lift their head and turn to the side. This not only helps in head balance but also encourages your child to get used to different orientations.

How to Do the Twist

Place your hands symmetrically around the flanks of your child's chest, up to the armpits. Lift one hand so that the baby leans against your arm. This method allows you to easily lift them, and once they're up, you can support them under their buttocks so that they lie in your arms in a tub-like position.

Placing Down with Care

When placing your child down, let them sit with ample support around their torso and then gently move them to the side. This is important because it avoids any accidental bumps to the head.

When to Start

You can start using this method from when your baby is about two months old or slightly older. But if your child still has a wobbly head, you might want to wait a bit longer.

Safety First

Always keep an eye on your child while practicing these techniques. They should always be done under supervision.

In Summary

Switching up how you lift and place your baby not only adds a bit of variety but is beneficial for your child's development, particularly in achieving a good head balance.

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