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How to Carry your Baby - Preferred side RIGHT

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Does your baby have right positional plagiocephaly? This easy-to-follow exercise shows you how to carry your baby, encouraging exploring their left side.

Encouraging Baby to Look Left While Carrying

Problem Statement

If you notice that your baby often looks to the right, it may lead to developmental asymmetry over time, including flattening of the head on that side.

Use Carrying as a Tool for Change

You can use the way you carry your baby to encourage them to look to the left, thereby helping to correct any tendencies toward asymmetry.

Methods for Encouraging Leftward Gaze

  1. Cheek-to-Cheek or Over-the-Shoulder Method: Carry your baby against your right shoulder so that you are cheek-to-cheek or the baby's head is over your shoulder. This position also supports good head balance.

  2. Tummy Position: When carrying the baby in the tummy-down position, place the baby's head near your right elbow. This provides a good, pleasant position for the baby and supports their head well.

  3. Cup Carry Method: Hold the baby like a cup in your left arm. This method works particularly well for babies who are three months or older, as they generally become more curious about their surroundings. When carried like this, the baby will naturally want to look to the left to explore, thereby encouraging a leftward gaze.


The aim of using these carrying techniques is to naturally provoke the baby to look to the left, which can counteract the tendency to favor the right side and thereby promote better head balance and symmetry.


By incorporating these methods into your daily routine, you can encourage your baby to look to the left more often, which is beneficial for their overall development. Good luck!

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