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Can I invite the parents to measure?

Do you have difficulty visiting the parents or do they have difficulty visiting your practice? If so, the remote treatment module could come in handy. This module enables you to treat babies with a plagio-/brachycephaly from a distance while remaining 'in the lead'.

This is how it works:

1. Order the Home Toolkit

The Home Toolkit contains 5 ready-to-send envelopes. Each envelope contains a hat and a set of ear spreaders. You can order the Home Toolkit here.

2. Add the baby in the baby-list

Open the Skully Care app, add the baby in the baby-list.

3. Invite parents to measure

Start by sending one of the envelopes to the parents. Next, open the app and invite them to measure. You can find a video showing how to do this on the bottom of this page.

4. Receive the result

After the parents have sent in a photo, you will receive the results.

5. Share the treatment

Write up a treatment plan and select exercises parents should follow in the Skully Care app. Don't forget to share this with the parents!

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