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Fast, easy and

Treat skull deformation, at the touch of a button


You're informed and
the parent is


As a healthcare professional, you need a starting point to diagnose and track  development. This way, you are informed and the patient is involved and motivated. This makes measuring essential.


Unfortunately, current measurement methods are

  time consuming or inaccurate.

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This is Skully Care

Measure with one photo, automatically receive progress reports and share the treatment with the parents.

Snel duidelijkheid met over de schedeldeformatie met een meting

Measurement results quickly and accurately


Receive the results within 5 minutes or get immediate feedback if the measurement is incorrect. This ensures accurate results and allows you to quickly continue.

Betrouwbaar en Valide Plagiocephalie en Brachycephalie te meten

Valid & reliable


Our app is designed with the highest standards of reliability and validity, as proven by recent research.

Motiveer de ouders door plagiocephalie en brachycephalie oefeningen te delen met de ouders

Free for parents 


Inform and motivate parents by sharing progress and interactive exercises.



Approximately 15% of babies develop a skull deformity in the first year of life*. This is about 102,000 babies annually, in the UK alone.


*Hutchison, B Lynne et al. “Plagiocephaly and brachycephaly in the first two years of life: a prospective cohort study.” Pediatrics vol. 114,4 (2004): 970-80. doi:10.1542/peds.2003-0668-F

How does Skully Care work?

Step 1: measure


One photo of the little one is enough. The only thing you have to pay attention to is that both ears and the nose are on it. Then we take over for you!

Step 2: the result


You receive the measurement result in the app and it is automatically displayed in a graph. This gives you and the parent insight into the progress. You can also export the measurement report to the patient file.

Hoe baby's actief zijn bij optillen, vkh rechts.png
Hoe draag je jouw baby bij vkh links (1).png

Step 3: motivate parents


Share the Skully Care app with parents. In the parent portal they see the measurements, the progress and the selected exercises of their child: safe, free and in a parent-friendly language.


Want to explore this? Click on one of the videos to the left.


Therapists about Skully Care

“Not only does it save time with measuring, you also don't have to contact parents afterwards because you can discuss the results on the spot.”  

—  Pediatric physiotherapist, Utrecht

Measured by

One of our specialists

Number of measurements


Partner of:

UMCU en Skully Care samenwerking

By experts, for experts


Skully Care was founded by a team of experts. Elly has been working as a pediatric physiotherapist and for more than 25 years. Freek is an engineer and the innovative and technical brain behind Skully Care.

Skully Care is used by more than 800 therapists in 24 different countries. Are you next?



Choose a subscription for either your own use or for your practice. You support us on our mission. All revenue is invested directly into our mission to detect skull deformity early. Every baby deserves the perfect treatment.

Unlimited measurement
Results in 5 minutes***
Share with parents
Measure and treat remotely
Toolkit required



/ month

or €151.25 per year**

exclusive of VAT


Measure once every 2 months

Get the result

in 2 days



* group discount available for two or more users

**choose a year subscription and get one month free

***during office hours, Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00 (CEST)

SC Toolkit

The Toolkit

With the specially designed hat and mat, we can guarantee a reliable measurement result.
You receive:

  • 3 hats

  • The Skully Care mat

  • 1 set of foam ear spreaders


ex. VAT and
€13,50 shipping costs
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