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The Skully Care app brings clarity to parents and therapists
in a quick, reliable and contactless way.

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Why Skully Care ?


Snel duidelijkheid met over de schedeldeformatie met een meting

Quick clarity

Measure plagiocephaly with one photo and receive the results within 2 minutes.

Vul gemakkelijk je EPD met al de metingen

Keep track

Automatically track the progress for each baby. Fill your Electronic Health Record within a few clicks.

Flat head syndrome measurement
Motiveer de ouders door plagiocephalie en brachycephalie oefeningen te delen met de ouders

Motivate parents

Share interactive exercises with parents.

Learn more

Betrouwbaar en Valide Plagiocephalie en Brachycephalie te meten

Extensively researched

Developed and supported by experts. Based on the CVAI & CI method.





Plagio / Brachycephaly


About 15%* of all the babies develop a skull deformation during their first year since the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome. This is about 96.000 babies annually, in England alone.

The main cause of is the preferred position, which is created and maintained by sleeping and playing on the back. Lying on one side of the head for a long duration of time inhibits growth in that place. This is how the postural plagiocephaly or brachycephaly can develop.


* Deformational Plagiocephaly: A Follow-Up of Head Shape, Parental Concern and Neurodevelopment at Ages 3 and 4 Years

Schedeldeformatie app waarmee je makkelijk de behandeling kan delen



Measuring is knowing

Elly, a pediatric physiotherapist herself and one of the founders of Skully Care, noted that a uniform measuring method is missing that can be administered quickly and reliably. There is a lot with it
eye 'measured' or sometimes not at all.


This can result in late or missed diagnoses, preventing babies from receiving the care they need.









Our mission is to detect cranial deformities at an early stage. Every baby deserves proper treatment by a therapist. Only then will you achieve the desired result of a beautifully symmetrical head.

The treatment


In addition to measuring, Skully Care also has a softer side that parents are super excited about:


As a therapist, share the measurements, the progress and a treatment plan including exercises with the parents. Parents have a free portal in the Skully Care app for their baby.






Developed by experts


Skully Care is developed by a team of experts. Founder Elly has been working as a Pediatric Physical Therapist for over 25 years. She is the expert by experience. Freek, co-founder, is an engineer and the innovative and technical brain behind Skully Care. A dedicated team of application developers builds the app.

We work closely with a team of scientists to provide a scientific basis for Skully Care. The University of Applied Science Utrecht investigated the reliability of Skully Care. The UMC Utrecht assessed the validity.
The scientific papers will follow later this year.









The Toolkit


Join the movement, all you need is the Skully Care Toolkit.


With the specially designed hat and mat we can guarantee a reliable result.
You will receive:


  • 2 reusable hats 

  • The Skully Care mat

  • 1 set of foam ear spreaders


Shipping costs included

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