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How to Roll Over - Preferred side RIGHT

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Does your baby have right positional plagiocephaly? This exercise shows you how to teach your baby to roll over and encourage using their left side.

Learning to Roll Over: Guide for Helping Your Baby Roll to the Left


Hello! Today, we're focusing on teaching your baby how to roll over, especially if they have a preference for looking toward their right side. Here's how you can help your little one learn to roll over to the left.

Start with a Toy

First, try to engage your baby by attracting their attention to the left side with a toy. This becomes more effective as they reach four months and become more interested in grabbing objects.

Proper Hand Placement

Place one hand on your baby's pelvis, providing gentle guidance as you help them move to the left. The upper leg should swing over the lower one. Give a gentle pull toward their feet.

Check the Arm Position

If you notice that the arm is lagging behind, pause for a moment. Help your baby move their arm forward, positioning it at a 90-degree angle to the torso. This makes it easier for them to roll over.

Continue Rolling Over

With the arm positioned correctly, resume rolling over. Your baby can use their lower elbow to push off and land on their belly. Sometimes the upper arm may still be stuck behind, and you can encourage it forward by pulling gently on their shoulder.

Pressure on the Pelvis

Keeping some pressure on the pelvis helps your baby lift their head more easily in this position. It's a great play position that also strengthens the back and helps improve head balance. Always ensure you're supervising your baby during this time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Continue practicing, and your baby will become stronger, making it easier for them to roll over by themselves.


This is a crucial skill that aids in your baby's development. So practice well, and everything will fall into place. Goodbye!

Audio: Dutch

Subtitles: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Arabic

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