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Test kit for baby head shape, flat head syndrome and plagiocephaly

The Skull Deformation Assessment is designed for parents concerned about flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly or brachycephaly) in their infants. This easy-to-use toolkit, accompanied by a user-friendly app, offers a reliable solution for at-home head shape assessment.



  • Versatile Measuring Mat: Our kit includes a flexible measuring mat that accurately adapts to any surface, ensuring precise measurements of your baby's head shape.
  • Comfortable Cap: A specially designed cap is provided to gently secure your baby's head, keeping the ears in position during measurement.
  • Ear Spreaders: These are included for babies with deep-lying ears, assisting in getting an accurate read of head shape.
  • Instructional App: Step-by-step instructions guide you through the process, making it simple to conduct accurate measurements at home.
  • Expert Review: Our pediatric physical therapists will analyze the images and provide personalized advice on the next steps.
  • Clinic Referral: If necessary, we can connect you with a nearby clinic for further assistance.

This kit is a must-have for proactive parents, offering a blend of technological innovation and expert guidance. Ensure your baby's healthy development with our Skull Deformation Assessment.

Skull Deformation Assessment

VAT Included
  • To ensure a seamless experience and personalized service, please provide your phone number below. This will link your ordered test measurement directly with our dedicated app, allowing our pediatric physical therapists to send you tailored advice based on your baby's head shape assessment.

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