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Parent screening her babies head shape

Follow-Up Check-Up for Ongoing Assurance

Whether you've used our Skull Deformation Assessment a few weeks ago or are looking for the final outcome after treatment, our Follow-Up Check-Up is here for you.

With the Follow-Up Check-Up, you can continue monitoring your baby's head shape and receive expert guidance as needed.


  • Convenient Monitoring: Keep track of your baby's progress with ease.
  • Expert Guidance: Our pediatric physical therapists are available to review measurements and provide guidance when required.
  • Clinic Referral: If further treatment or assistance is necessary, we can connect you with a nearby clinic.

Stay proactive in ensuring your baby's healthy development with our Follow-Up Check-Up.

Follow-up Check-up

VAT Included
  • To ensure a seamless experience and personalized service, please provide your phone number below. This will link your ordered test measurement directly with our dedicated app, allowing our pediatric physical therapists to send you tailored advice based on your baby's head shape assessment.

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