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Plagiocephaly or skull deformation



How can a baby's skull deform?

The image below shows a top view of a baby's head. The blue lines and diamond shapes are the open cranial seams and fontanelles. The front and largest of the two is clearly visible in the image: a blue diamond shape in the middle of the head. The cranial seams are open because a newborn's brain grows spectacularly. Every time the clinic measures the circumference of the head, a few centimeters are added. You notice that the baby can do more and more and is getting smarter.

Afbeelding engels .png

The head grows quickly

Nice that the head is growing quickly. But change can occur in growth. This is also the case with the skull of a baby with a preferred position. The skull growth slows down where the child lies most. In the other places, the growth goes extra fast, because nature ensures that there is sufficient space for the brain. Actually a good response! The flattening is therefore only a cosmetic problem.


We help!

Fortunately, because a head grows so quickly, it can also grow in the right direction. But then it is necessary that the child lies much less often on the flattened place of his head. Child physiotherapists are trained to stimulate the child and help parents to achieve this.
And, you can clearly follow the result with the Skully Care😊 app.

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