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Treat remotely



Is it difficult to visit parents or to invite them to your practice? Then use our free module to treat remotely. As a pediatric physiotherapist you are and remain 'in the lead'. You guide the parent and you get the results.



How does it work?


1. Submit the Home Toolkit

Send one Home Toolkit envelope to the parent. The parent reads the instruction and waits for your message.



2. Invite the parent to take a photo

You invite the parent within the app. The parent will receive a message with a link. The parent downloads the app and can take a photo * of the head for free via the link. The instruction in the app guides the parent in this.



3. Receive the result

You will receive the result of the measurement and then discuss it with the parent. Divide the report of the measurement by means of a parent variant: the measurement is explained in non-medical language.



4. Share your treatment digitally

You can clarify your instructions with the help of the video exercises. You tick them in the app and then share them with the parent. You can also add a short text.


* Our own research has shown that parents can take a good and reliable photo with the help of the instructions in the app.




Order 5 Home Toolkits


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