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Vacancy working student (Part-time)

Skully Care is growing fast, which is why we are looking for support. Someone who helps us to set up the startup properly. Someone who ensures that the entire team can do its work even better and makes customers even happier. What tasks should you consider?

  • Thinking along and supporting from executive to strategic level

  • Rollout of the Skully Care app in different countries. (Social media and events)

  • Picking up projects at the front and back to keep Skully Care running smoothly

  • Customer contact and support (calling, e-mail and whatsapp)

  • Keeping platforms up-to-date (website, facebook and linkedin)

Skully Care is a start-up with the world's first screening app for the condition 'sheath deformation' in babies. With this, Skully Care helps the 25,000 babies who develop skull deformation in the Netherlands every year. After two years of development / testing, we have just launched the app and we are growing fast. In addition, we are about to launch internationally and expand the conditions to be detected.

Working in an early-stage startup falls outside the standard job descriptions. You work in a team on all aspects that are involved in developing, launching, validating and scaling up an idea. We are looking for someone with a proactive attitude to work, who wants to keep learning and improving. You come up with solutions yourself. Making mistakes is okay as long as you learn from them. The Skully Care team consists of two founders supported by a group of closely involved advisers.

When should you apply at Skully Care?

✅ If you also like to improve healthcare.

✅ If you are a real go-getter.
✅ When solving challenging problems gives you energy.

✅ If a little chaos doesn't give you a heart attack.
✅ If you become 3x as productive with the idea of ​​being able to make many choices and manage your time.

✅ Speaking German or Spanish and writing is a plus.

When, duration, salary?
It is a part-time position, starting around 18 hours, immediately, further growth within the company is certainly an option. You will receive a fair salary based on your knowledge and experience.

Want to get started?
Contact us ( and we will see together what is possible!

Can you identify with the above description? And are you eager to get started at a young and energetic company? Send us an email with CV and we will contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to you!

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