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E-learning Skully Care

Are you dreading the switch to Skully Care?

Or are you less familiar with the digitalization of healthcare?

It is very understandable, you may have been familiar with other measurement methods for years. A switch to a digital measuring instrument can then be exciting. We are happy to take some of these doubts and worries off your hands. We take you step by step into the world of Skully Care with this e-learning.

How do I download the app?

Dit is de eerste stap. Waar kun je de app vinden en hoe maak ik een profiel aan?

Hoe moet je een meting maken?

We explain step by step what a measurement looks like in practice. From starting the app, positioning the baby to taking the photo.

How do I interpret the outcome measures?

The outcome measures CVAI and CI may still be very unknown to you. Yet these are internationally known sizes. It is not complicated, but it is good to know what you are talking about.

Wat kan ik met de app?

The app is more than just a 'camera'. You can map the course of flattening. You can put together a treatment plan with exercise videos and share this together with the outcome with parents. 

When is a measurement alarming?

Hoge waardes worden in een rood vlak weergegeven. Dit betekent dat de mate van afplatting ernstig is. Wanneer is het zinvol om door te sturen? Wanneer zou het mogelijk een craniosynostose kunnen zijn? Wij geven jou handvaten om te helpen in jouw klinisch redeneren en handelen.

How reliable and valid is the app?

You naturally want to know how reliable your measurement is and when you can speak of a change. You have to take the measurement error into account. We will explain it to you.

When is a measurement alarming?

High values are displayed in a red area. This means that the degree of flattening is severe. When does it make sense to forward? When could it possibly be a craniosynostosis? We give you tools to help you in your clinical reasoning and actions.

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